How to Build Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy?
April 8, 2020 0 COMMENTSIN Digital Marketing

The interaction of brands with customers is remarkable in this digital era. Brands can’t escape the reality to constantly increase their online presence and develop effective digital marketing strategies to make their brands successful.Keep in mind that a digital marketing strategies will always vary with business and industry. Businesses, in the same industry will have to choose a different approach to target customers which is why a formalizing a tailored marketing strategy is important.

1. Establish a Buyer persona

A buyer persona works as a foundation for a consolidated digital marketing strategy. You need to build a buyer persona to know who your customer is. The best way to identify the best customers is by doing research surveys. When possible, you need to execute accurate real-time analysis of customers data, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Remember, assumptions regarding customer personas will detract your digital marketing strategy.

2. Aligned Marketing Goals

The marketing strategy and its short-term objectives should be aligned with your long-term business goals. These should be measurable and clear to calculate the performance of your digital marketing efforts. For instance, you should set a goal to generate more website leads by 40% if you want to achieve 15% sales growth. Goals without a clear direction will waste your digital marketing efforts and valuable resources.

3. Audit of all digital channels

You need to conduct a comprehensive audit of all channels you are using to effectively execute your digital marketing strategy. This includes all digital resources used in your digital marketing campaign. For example;

  • Personal media

This type of media consists of personal digital assets which your company owns and controls like website, blog, social profile, images and content. This form of media helps you to make your website rank high and attract people to visit your website, create engagement and convert more leads. All you need is to check that your content strategy is in line with your target audience. Make a list of your published content and identify the gaps in your targeting. Utilize this data to create more engaging content. This should include content titles, formats, budgets, social channels, goals and target audience.

  • Earned Media

This consists of guest blogging, PR efforts, U\user-generated content, building links on high authority websites and customer review. You need to track down what strategies work best for you using google analytics.

  • Paid Media

This consists of all your paid marketing efforts to gain more business exposure through digital ad campaigns and conventional advertisements. You need to evaluate if these paid media assets are working well to meet your business goals. For instance, if you are spending most of your PPC budget on Google Ads but not getting the desired results, it’s time to rethink about your target audience, keyword optimization and revise your content strategy to generate better results.

4. Using consistent actions plan

A solid digital marketing strategy needs to be built upon consistent long-term action plans which are in line with your goals to achieve business success. You can build a digital marketing strategy with a step by step plan on a spreadsheet to achieve your business goals. Remember the success of your digital marketing strategy depends on how effectively you create and execute a well refined long term marketing strategy.

A journey to digital marketing success begins with a consolidated plan. There is no one-way fix to your marketing efforts to bring success to your business. The main aim of your digital marketing efforts is to craft tactics that will lead towards your long term business goals and most importantly these should be aligned to deliver a unique message for your brand.

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