How to increase social media Engagement
March 30, 2020 0 COMMENTSIN Digital Marketing

Social engagement undoubtedly plays a crucial role in digital media marketing. A large number of business owners understand the importance of social media marketing for their overall business successMany business owners believe that social media marketing is just posting regularly and keeping your profile on different social media platforms up to date. It is in part important, but just one piece of the puzzle. Creating more engagement on your social media platforms brings success to the business. The more of your followers engage with your content, the more people will love to see your posts, and you will get the worth of penny you spend. If you want to know about how to develop content that boost up engagements on social media then don’t worry you are at right place at TECHARAT. Followings are the nine tips to increase social media engagement.

1. Timing is of the essence

The most important factor to create more social engagement is to know what time to post. Normally most businessmen are much more concerned about the content of post and they overlook the time element when their followers are most active on social media, which will help the business get more engagement.

2. Know your Audience

Knowing your audience preferences about what sort of content they love is important to generate social engagement. Facebook insights is a great tool where you can find information about your audience, including how your previous posts are performing, the best time to post, what sort of posts are the most engaging and successful with your audience.

3. Short and Crisp Approach

Did you know that 88% users prefer to view Facebook content on their mobile phones and that it only takes 2 seconds for them to consumer the entire content? Fortunately, if you can grab their attention successfully, it will take just 0.25 seconds of seeing a piece of content for a person to recall it later. A long text heavy post will not get their attention in a small-time window. Keep the content short, crisp and on point and explain it in as few words as possible.

4. Use Images or Videos

Accurate text is important and can help you a lot but when you it comes to social media, it is important to put a variety of content.You have to grab the attention of your audience under 2 seconds and for that images and video posts are most appropriate to get more engagements of your audience. Post that includes images gets better engagement rate while posts that includes video gets best and more engagement friendly way.

5. Have a Personality

People will judge your brand based on the way you engage with them on social media. Be authentic and be clear to your audience. You can use different approaches when you are addressing different audience. Try to keep the content relevant to what your brand represents and how you want it be positioned to customers.

6. Call-to-Action in your Posts

Cultured audience like transparency and they need to know exactly what is being offered in a clear concise manner. Confusing content will only lead your audience away from your brand. Use clear words like “comment “,“download”, “follow”, “retweet” and “sign up” this will result in up to 23x more the engagement rate as compared to posts without clear CTAs. This will help you a lot in creating more engagement on social media.

7. Organize a Content Calendar

The best way to create more engagement on social media is plan through content calendar. This is important to ensure your social media posting consistent and timely. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Consistently keep sharing and curating content is a good way to boost up your social engagement.

8. Communicate Back

Engagement is one of the most successful parameter to judge the success of social media campaign. When people give time to engage with your content you must engage back. Be polite and helpful and consider developing a long-term relationship with them.

9. Feedback and Reviews

The best practice to enhance engagement is to ask question to your followers about your products and services. Get their feedback and respond back to each of their comments especially the negative ones. Start conversations with them about trending topics and ask for their opinion for areas of improvement in regards to their negative feedback.

We in TECHARAT believe that creating social engagement is one of the most important aspects of an effective social media marketing strategy. We will help you to build and win the confidence of your customers and increase conversion rate towards your products and services.

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