Identifying Your Target Audience in a digital landscape
March 30, 2020 0 COMMENTSIN Digital Marketing

Defining the right target audience is a crucial aspect of every effective digital marketing strategy. We live in a digital age and every business whether small or big needs a digital presence to supersede competition and to grow. You may be offering high demand products and services but you still have to face competition at each level and you have to develop a digital marketing strategy for staying visible and maintain a better online reputation for your brand. There are many channels available to advertise your brand and opt for various digital marketing strategies but before deciding which route you want to take, you need to know what your target market is. Whether you plan to start a campaign on Facebook or run pay-per-click ads, write blogs or create videos to advertise on YouTube, knowing your target audience will help you generate the best content and get more engagement for your content. The followings steps provide you a basic understanding of how to approach this process.

1. Analyze your product/service offering?

The initial step to determine what your target audience is to take a close look at what products or services you offer, what are the consumers pain points and how these paint points can be buffered by your product or service. Once you completely analyze the problems, you can figure out what the customer exactly needs. This will help you to offer the right product or service to the right audience at the right time through the right channel.

2. Take zoom out, zoom in approach

Great. You defined who your target market is, but there is still work to do. When you complete your analysis to define who your target market is, take a zoomed-out approach to analyze and a zoomed-in approach to tweak your product and service.
Let’s take an example of men grooming products. In a narrowed approach you would absolutely consider men as your target audience, which in a way is true, after all you are selling men grooming products. But when you take a zoom out, zoom in approach, you will see that women play a crucial role in purchase decision and are an indirect target consumer of your product. This will help you tweak your strategy and ad campaigns.

3. Identify customer commonalities

It is important to know who your existing customers are. This will help you target the right audience for your campaign because most groups have important things in common. When you analyze these commonalities from your current customer, you can target the right audience in your next campaign.
A good starting place is to review data from google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns. This will help you tweak your target audience for future campaigns.

4. Know your competitors

One of the best ways to find out your audience is by analyzing your competitors. It is a good starting point for you to analyze and if beneficial, target the same audience that your competition is targeting.

5. Effective Marketing Strategy

Implementing an effective marketing strategy is a crucial part for a successful media campaign and if you don’t know your audience you cannot implement your marketing strategy effectively nor can you create an understanding of which social channels to use for ad campaigns. Few actionable ways would be to review existing data, create a customer persona, conduct surveys, keep eye on competitors, update communication and content, monitor audience feedback, comments and engagements for better implementation of marketing strategies for your brand.

6. Avoid “One-size-fits- all” approach

Each social media channel has a different type of audience with different profiles. It is important for your business to understand what social media channel will provide you the best results. The demographic and geographic profile of each platform differs and will directly impact the results of your campaigns. Utilizing the right medium will provide your business good pennies worth.

7. Customer Relationships

Building trust and strong connection with your audience is of great importance. One thing to keep in mind is that the initial exposure of the consumers is neutral. They will develop a perception of your brand by the way you position your brand in the early stage of your marketing campaign. When you establish a good conversation and answer their questions in the most appropriate way so that you build a strong connection with them.

8. Creating Quality Content

Generating high quality meaningful content is they key to seize the moment your ad is exposed to your desired audience. Content type would vary with each platform so it is important to understand and learn the differences between them, and the sort of content that would shine there.
Defining the right target audience is at the center of every successful strategy. Once you know exactly what your target market is, you will be able to plan, implement and execute the right digital marketing strategy with the right tools and at the right places.

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