Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Absolutely Crucial for Small Businesses
April 2, 2020 0 COMMENTSIN Digital Marketing

Promoting business online is the most desirable practice in today’s world. Research shows that only 64% of native small businesses in USA have websites. This figure represents that a major portion of these businesses still have less to none though much-needed web presence.Most of these businesses have a misconception or are unaware of the usefulness of their digital marketing needs which leads to lost opportunity.

Digital marketing isn’t optional for businesses now a days. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is or what sort of target community it serves, it is absolutely vital for your business to establish and maintain a digital presence.

Let us cover some reasons as to why its important.

1. Opportunity for Local business

Digital marketing plays an effective role to boost up local business growth. The usefulness of digital marketing is not limited to big companies . Small businesses face stiff competition from their bigger counterparts so it’s important for them to leverage every possible tactic they can. Its cost effective compared to conventional marketing and you don’t need to have an inhouse marketing team to perform these tasks.

2. Conversion of customers for small business

Word of mouth has been a very common practice in conventional media for the past decades. People would preferably ask family members for product or service recommendation. This practice has been vastly transitioned to digital now. Customers find it amazingly convenient to ask their online community for recommendations. Small businesses need to make the most out of this new trend and make sure their online presence is visible and their product heard.

3. Cost Effect Marketing

There are various conventional marketing platforms available for use but are wont fit in the marketing budget of small businesses. Competing with large business entities on a tighter budget for conventional media puts small businesses at a disadvantage. Digital marketing brings the best opportunity for you to adopt the cost-effective and cost-efficient way to advertise your local business. As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing provides a better option to target and reach your audience by demographically. You can advertise what your target audience loves to hear, with the lower costs, and a highly customized marketing campaign. On average, it costs a small business simply $3 to expose their brand to 1000 customers on social media compared to $28 to advertise on TV and $57 to advertise through direct mail.

4. Target the Right Audience

Outbound marketing is an important element of traditional marketing. While performing Outbound marketing we normally use newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio ads, and billboards. Undoubtedly it has a wider spectrum and hits a large number of audience but the downside of outbound strategy is that it lacks focus. It pushes you to pay to market to people who might never be interested in your products or service, so it’s impossible to deliver your message to right audience. Digital marketing, on the other hand, provides you the opportunity to deliver your message to the right target audience.

5. Measurable Results

Tracking accurate results is a big challenge in traditional marketing. For instance, in the case of a billboard, it’s very difficult to quantify how effective the advertisement was at the time of sale. You have no data for how many people were exposed to your billboard, how many were interested in the advertised product and how many were repeat exposures. It is practically impossible to tell how effective your efforts were in the case of traditional marketing but with digital marketing, you can generate accurate metrics about customer’s interests and behaviors. You can see and analyze real time while running your digital ad campaigns and make informed decisions based on these data available as well as tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

6. Influence marketing

One of the better advantages of social media is influence marketing. Influencers are people who hold the power to inspire the general public on various social media platforms. Collaborating with social media influencers is cost effective in exposing your business to millions of their followers.

Digital marketing may sound confusing at first, but here at Techarat we make sure to provide you with the best assistance, and walk by your side through each and every step required to expose your business to millions of users on digital marketing platforms.

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