Growth Services

Growth Marketing is what we are best at. Everything we do is naturally aligned toward the growth of our customer’s business. Mentioned below are certain tools and mechanisms which we use to setup the growth platform for our clients

  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Sales Automation
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
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Reporting is the key. It gives you transparency about what actually is going on in your online business. Reports can further be used for analysis and data driven decision making. We capture each and every impression. The analytics span not only over website traffic but also on social media and search engine campaigns. Our professionals can help you add reporting points over your website. In case of Marketing campaigns our professionals share daily, weekly and monthly reports with detailed analytics.


Reporting without analytics are only worthless numbers. The reporting statistics need to be analysed in order to figure out trends and extract useful information like net profitability, CPC, CTR … . Let our team help you give a smart analytics report which will make it way easier for you to make business decisions.

Sales Automation

Sales dependencies on humans can pose potential risks on consistent cash flow. We help in building and automating sales funnel to make customers inflow consistent.
We can develop sales force management tools, CRMS and streamlining the manual and time consuming tasks in the sales process so, your team can focus more on sales less on admin tasks.


Building a community is one thing whereas retaining a community is a completely different thing. You can spend a few bucks on paid campaigns to bring in a flow of new traffic but to make that traffic stay you will have to engage them in a manner that they keep coming back. Our team helps you with quality content and guidelines so that you could easily retain your existing community.


Conversions depend on a number of factors. Everything in the process needs to be perfect to convert a lead into a sale. Absence of one element the process ends up in losing the lead and as the system is faulty its not just a single lead that you lose. We help you upgrade your system in a manner that your conversion rate is always high.

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